Buyer's Guide

The Buyer's Guide to Digital Delinquency Management

Delinquencies are a reality for any business that handles payments, and in today’s world, digital customer engagement methods are a must. But all digital is not created equal. Leveraging more effective delivery technology and best practices can better engage all delinquent accounts while simultaneously delivering your unique communication style expected by your customers, enabling a reduction in charge offs, bolstering your bottom line, and providing all of your customers with a path forward.

Without a comprehensive, customer-centric digital engagement plan, your debt recovery outreach can stumble just as easily as an inexperienced call center rep on their first day—ineffective or even damaging to customer relations. But what’s the right communication strategy for your business? This is your definitive guide to find out.

About the eBook

Do you know what it takes to get your message in front of your customers through digital channels? Whether you are looking to evaluate your current strategy or jumpstart new communication channels to better engage all your customers, this guide will answer the critical questions to enhance your engagement strategy with past-due customers, including:

  • How can you use advanced technology to optimize your communication efforts? 
  • What is deliverability and why does it matter in digital communications?
  • How digital lets you drive compliance and quickly pivot as your legal and regulatory requirements change.
  • And the real results our clients have experienced by enhancing their digital capabilities

About Retain

Retain by TrueML Products is an intelligent delivery platform that leverages a patented optimization engine to determine the optimal time and channel to deliver the client’s communications within the confines of the compliance requirements outlined by the client.